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Basics of Turbulent Flows using Ansys Fluent

The teaching package can be used to understand and learn about the significance and importance of turbulent flows. It talks about the stability of laminar flow and its transition to turbulence. . Additionally, the course explains the stability of turbulent flows, using turbulent scales, turbulent energy spectrum. The importance of time averaging the continuity, momentum and energy equations are discussed which is used to derive the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible flows. The teaching package also describes the Boussinesq hypothesis and the use for deriving the k-ϵ and k-ω models for describing the turbulent flows. Finally it also illustrates turbulent boundary layer and some correlations and equations.


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain fundamentals of turbulent flows
  • Learn the concept of laminar-turbulent transition
  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of Turbulence
  • Understand underlying governing equations
  • Understand the concept of turbulent boundary layers
  • Solve simple fluid flow problems using Ansys Fluent


Applicable Courses for Use

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Turbulent Flows


Downloadable Content

  • Instructor Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentations (slides with notes)
  • Quiz
  • Simulation Exercises and Homework
Basics of Turbulent Flows using Ansys Fluent

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