ANSYS DCS - Distributed Compute Services

Distributed compute services (DCS) is a family of applications that enables you to distribute, manage and solve simulations on a variety of compute resources. As part of this, design point services (DPS) facilitates the robust solution of tens of thousands of design points spread across clusters, networks and operating systems.

DCS addresses these industry demands:

  • Evaluation of many design variations
  • The need to run many thousands or tens of thousands of design points
  • Flexibility in using heterogenous compute resources (update CAD on Windows®, solve on Linux)
  • Open architecture that enables you to drive the process with your own design exploration system

DCS solves these high-level business challenges:

  • Customers can more effectively and robustly utilize their compute resources to optimize their designs.
  • Design iterations are faster, delivering new products to market in a fraction of the time.
  • Warranty returns are reduced by calculating accurate time to failure.
  • Design evaluation is approaching true scalability.
  • Customers can use this flexible heterogeneous computing infrastructure to solve engineering challenges locally or tie into any compute resources worldwide.

Computational advantages of DCS technology

  • You can distribute the computation of 100 design points to 100 compute resources and get 100 answers in the time that you would only get one answer if the computation was done locally.
  • The technology decouples design point management from the ANSYS Workbench project, so you can handle any crashes or failed runs without losing valuable results.

Flexibility of DCS technology

You may have many heterogeneous compute resources, such as office desktop computers, which can be set up as evaluators during off hours. You can then define a design study in ANSYS Workbench and send it to DCS/DPS. Once the job is sent, you can shut down the laptop and take it with you while the other compute resources in the office continue to work on the design study in a parallel/simultaneous mode. At any point, you can reconnect with DPS to monitor or manage the study, compare results, etc. You can also find and retrieve optimal designs.

In summary

DCS is able to more effectively and robustly use your compute resources across operating systems, networks and locations, while helping to leverage your simulation investment with design optimization.