ANSYS EnSight ANSYS EnSight Enterprise
Routine post processing for ANSYS and most other CFD, FEA crash, electromagnetics, DEM, rigid bodies and other simulation data. Supports batch or interactive operations, local data or client-server with 8 threads for each. Typical model sizes 1 million – 100 million cells. This parallel version of EnSight enables engineers to handle very large models (more than 100 million cells) using HPC cluster resources. Allows for either spatial or temporally decomposed parallel post processing
 8  128
Cluster post-processing
Operating systems  Windows, Linux, Mac  Windows, Linux, Mac
Read, explore and plot data
Read multiple cases at one time
Print/save images
Export movies
Export 3D models
Particle traces/Streamlines
Volume rendering
Session files
Viewports 1-16 1-16
User-defined tools
Scientific calculator
Particle traces
Pathlines /Transient particle traces
Surface restricted traces
Vortex cores
Separation /Attach lines
Shock surfaces
Boundary layers (temporal decomposed)
Massed particle traces
Advanced light sources
Surface flow (LIC)
Ray-traced export
Keyframe animation
Multiple viewports
Virtual cameras
Virtual reality headsets
Run in batch
Python scripting