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Hypersonic Simulation

Multiphysics Simulation for Hypersonic Vehicle Design


Hypersonic Speed Simulation Software

Ansys simulation tools are perfect solutions to examine all the challenges of hypersonic speed. As an aircraft begins to travel above Mach 1, fluids start to exhibit different physical behavior. Our multiphysics simulations enable users to capture the complex phenomena that occur, including strong shocks, plasma, ablation, structural deformation and chemical nonequilibrium. Shorten your development time and reduce testing efforts with industry-leading software that allows you to quickly tackle problems specific to hypersonic design.

  • Accuracy for Extreme Aerothermal Environment
    Accuracy for Extreme Aerothermal Environment
  • Prediction of Antenna Performance Degradation
    Prediction of Antenna Performance Degradation
  • High-fidelity Deformation of Structure
    High-fidelity Deformation of Structure
  • Component Material Selection Optimization
    Component Material Selection Optimization
  • Enhance Detection & Tracking
    Enhance Detection & Tracking
  • Optimize Performance of Propulsion Systems
    Optimize Performance of Propulsion Systems
  • Explore Potential Trajectories & Maneuvers
    Explore Potential Trajectories & Maneuvers
Hypersonic speed simulation software

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Ansys Fluent
Ansys Fluent
流體 Fluids Icon

CFD 軟體以其先進的物理建模和領先業界的準確度而聞名。

  • 現代化、方便使用的介面
  • 單一窗口工作流程 — 從前處理到後處理
  • 簡化的網格和物理工作流程
  • 進階物理建模
  • 高效的網格和求解器 HPC 擴展
Ansys Mechanical 引擎體
Ansys Mechanical
Structures Structures Icon

想解決多樣的結構分析需求,需要一套有限元分析 (FEA) 方案,該解決方案提供針對結構和耦合場行為的深入分析。

  • 使用便利的多用途工具
  • 一貫、可靠的求解器技術
  • 動態的整合平台
Ansys HFSS
Ansys HFSS
電子產品 Ansys HFSS

用於設計高頻和高速電子元件的 3D 電磁場求解器。其 FEM、IE、漸近和混合求解器可解決 RF、微波、IC、PCB 和 EMI 問題。

  • 解決多層封裝
  • 適用於 PCB 和封裝的 3D 配置工作流程
  • 高頻電磁求解器
  • 透過 3D 元件的 IP 保護
Ansys Granta MI Pro


  • 方便易用的材料資料庫
  • 比較材料屬性
  • 整合主流 CAD 和 CAE 產品
  • 預先載入 2,600 多個材料資料集
Systems Tool Kit
Systems Tool Kit (STK)
Digital Mission Engineering Digital Mission Engineering

Systems Tool Kit (STK) provides an environment for analyzing and visualizing complex systems in the context of your mission. Interact with data from platforms across the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and other industries. Simulate your intended missions and communicate the results with reports, graphs, and stunning 3D animations.

Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Ansys SPEOS

Speos is dedicated to design, measure and assess light propagation in your system. Adopt a virtual prototype strategy thanks to accurate and fast optical simulation thanks to Human Vision unique capability. In a 3D environment, design and validate any Lighting Design, develop and integrate optical sensors system such as Camera and LiDAR with a realistic environment (weather) or optimize any display design.

Lumerical FDTD

FDTD 是建立奈米光電裝置、製程與材料模型的黃金標準。

  • 多係數模型建立準確的材料模型
  • 模擬非線性及空間變化的各向異性材質
  • 利用程式碼、進階位置處理和最佳化例行工作
Ansys Minerva 標誌
Ansys Minerva
連接 Connect Icon
由 Aras 提供的 Ansys Minerva 是企業級模擬流程和數據管理 (SPDM) 解決方案,以直覺式、易於使用、Web 式使用者介面滿足所有模擬工作流程,進而強化工程生產力。Minerva 為非特定廠商所擁有,可與 Ansys 主機和協力廠商模擬及 PLM 軟體整合。
  • 取用及重複運用模擬資料
  • 協調流暢的模擬程序管理
  • HPC 工作提交和資料管理
  • 運用角色型介面跟進專案
  • 非專家人員可存取模擬結果
  • 整合組織,同步及交換資料
Ansys ModelCenter 標誌
Ansys ModelCenter 採用模型式系統工程 (MBSE),可結合需求端與工程端,讓工程師建立及自動化多功能的工作流程,並將產品設計最佳化。
  • 進行系統等級的概念設計研究

  • 使用各種工程分析工具來驗證需求

  • 以預測方式模擬高複雜度的系統行為

  • 連結數位線程及任何分析

Ansys optiSLang 標誌

Ansys optiSLang 是企業層級的程序整合及設計最佳化解決方案,可整合非特定廠商程序,以評估成本和效能效益的最佳產品設計替代方案。

  • 模擬工具鏈自動化
  • 運用設計探索功能深入瞭解
  • AI/ML 導向的設計最佳化
  • 穩健性評估及風險量化
Ansys Cloud Direct Logo Thumbnail

Ansys Cloud Direct 提供具靈活授權的雲端型 HPC,可從您的桌面直接存取。 

  • 已與 Ansys 程式整合進行最佳化
  • Azure 型系統提供全面的安全性
  • 從您的桌面存取工作站級的功能
  • 遠端工作監控

Hypersonic Speed Presents Complex Fluid Flow Behavior

At hypersonic speeds, many challenges may arise that need to be closely examined. There are so few wind tunnels in the world capable of testing hypersonic prototypes, and flight testing is extremely expensive and lengthy. Simulation offers the best and most cost-effective way to look at this flight regime. Ansys simulation tools can be used to examine all the challenges associated with hypersonic speed.

Simulation Solutions

Ansys Solutions for Hypersonic Challenges

Ansys simulation tools can be used to examine all the challenges one may face while traveling at hypersonic speed.

  • Airframe Survivability - Understand Thermal and Pressure Effects to Improve Aerothermodynamic Performance
  • Thermal Protection Systems - Improve the Heat Shield Design with High-Fidelity Simulation
  • Communication Degradation & Blackout - Avoid Flow Ionization Interference with Communication Systems 
  • Maneuverability at High-Speeds - Develop Trajectories and Maneuvers Allowed by Airframe & Control Surfaces
  • Detection & Tracking - Design Higher Quality Sensors and Smarter Sensor Systems
  • Propulsion for Acceleration & Maintaining Thrust Virtually Validate Propulsion Systems to Optimize Performance 
Ansys Solutions for Hypersonic Challenges

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hypersonic vehicles
Tackling Design Challenges for Hypersonic Vehicles

The resurgence in hypersonic technology highlights the need to simulate complex systems using computer simulations. Given the extreme costs of flight testing and the limited capabilities of ground-based wind tunnels, computer simulation is a key enabling technology to stay ahead in the design and analysis of hypersonic vehicles. 

Ansys logo on black background
Improving EO/IR Sensors using Ansys Optical CFD

Learn how this new area of computer simulations, combined with experimentation and analysis, can provide a more comprehensive and cost-effective way to develop better EOIR sensors.

Ansys logo on black background
High-Speed Combustion/Reacting Flow Modeling

As a leader in combustion/reacting modeling, Ansys tools are being used to solve some of the A&D industry’s toughest problems. In this webinar, we will focus on workflows that apply high-speed combustion/reacting flow models for use in air breathing engines (ramjet, scramjet, RDE), re-entry chemistry, liquid/solid rocket motors, etc. 

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Hypersonics simulation
By: Jennifer Procario, Matt Ladzinski, and Valerio Viti

Learn how the A&D industry is using simulation to address complex hypersonics physics, advanced structures and materials, control systems, and avionics.

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