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Orthopedic Implants

Develop innovative and durable implants that conform  with a patient’s physiology and that comply with MRI compatibility requirements. 

Optimize Designs and Personalized Implants Through Simulation

As life expectancy rises, companies are racing to extend the life of implants, while developing innovative replacement therapies for aging hips, knees, shoulders, spines and dental implants, to mention a few. Ansys is a leader in the field of in silico medicine, which combines multiphysics simulation, material properties, patient-specific human physiology, surgical procedures and manufacturing processes. 

Though no two patients are alike, simulation enables the design and development of prostheses and implants tuned to a large proportion of the general population or customized to a patient’s specific requirements through techniques such as 3D printing.

  • Implant Perform in silico clinical trials
    Implant Perform in silico clinical trials
  • Certify MRI Compatibility
    Certify MRI Compatibility
  • Maximize Reliability and Durability
    Maximize Reliability and Durability
optimize personalize implants

Improve Reliability of Implants

Certify MRI Compatibility

Coupled electro-thermal analysis can evaluate the temperature increase due to MRI interaction with implanted prostheses.

Reliability and Durability

Examining the fatigue performance of an implant—under a range of loading conditions and in a diverse virtual population simulation—enables more reliable and durable designs.

In Silico Clinical Trials

Applying validated and approved computer models of implants to hundreds of virtual patients provides digital evidence of product performance, accelerating the regulatory approval process.

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Women in Technology: Balancing Global Advocacy with Motherhood

Dr. Rebecca Bryan of Synopsys explains the benefits of in silico medicine and the challenges specific to women in engineering. 

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