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Case Study

Volabo Uses Ansys Multiphysics Solutions in Development of Intelligent Stator Cage Drive (ISCAD)

"Ansys offers a broad set of tools that can reproduce any engineering problem in a simulation, find a solution and optimize the processes. The development of novel drive concepts such as volabo’s ISCAD requires a large number of examinations from a wide variety of disciplines. Ansys products, made available through the Ansys Startup Program, in conjunction with appropriate training, not only cover individual issues but also provide an interdisciplinary interface to generate substantial added value for every young company."

— Oleg Moros, Senior Developer E-Motor / volabo GmbH
— Benjamin Rubey, Senior Developer Power Electronics / volabo GmbH


The automotive market is developing and changing faster than ever. Many technology companies are trying to gain a foothold here. In order to be competitive you have to generate unique selling points and drive the development processes quickly and safely. Advanced technologies like ISCAD require advanced development tools, which enable engineers to handle more complex tasks in shorter periods of time.


Volabo GmbH launched a novel product on the automotive drive market, making it the only company to achieve high performance with safe battery voltages of 48 V. Thanks to the high degree of parallelization, the overload capacity of the drive increases enormously. In addition, the power density increases significantly. This poses new challenges for both mechanical components and cooling.

Engineering Solution

A power-dense integrated unit consisting of motor and power electronics requires interdisciplinary coupled investigations and optimization processes. Many input and output parameters affect the overall system in different ways. Electrical, magnetic, mechanical, thermal and other influences are taken into account in corresponding coupled components using Ansys simulation solutions provided through the Ansys Startup Program.


The most important feature is that the solution to any problem comes from just one vendor — Ansys — so there are no compatibility issues. This increases usability, increases productivity and reduces the usual time constants in development. At the same time, a reliable and well-maintained interface to customers, partners and contractors is formed, which simplifies communication and increases throughput. All parties benefit from the use of Ansys’ comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions.

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