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How can you optimize your product’s sound?

Whether you’re working on the design of a vehicle, infotainment system, white goods, energy, heating systems, IT equipment, sports equipment, drone or motor, the way the product sounds will impact your end users’ experience. 

Ansys Sound is a post-processing tool that allows you to take measured and simulated acoustics files from Ansys tools, including Fluent, Mechanical, LS-DYNA, Motor-CAD, and Motion, and other 3rd party tools. Ansys Sound allows users to anticipate noise issues coming from components design, defects, or assembly responses and understand which parameters have a real influence on noise levels, sound quality, and customer acceptance.

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“We have achieved an unexpected level of sound design we didn't think was feasible before.”


“Now we can accurately listen to & analyze sound, troubleshoot unusual noise, & perform fast calculations to estimate acoustic comfort.”


“Ansys Sound provides powerful signal processing for quick & accurate NVH analysis.”


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