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Gompute is owned and operated by Gridcore AB in Gothenburg (Sweden). Gridcore is a Swedish system integrator with long experience in designing and supporting computing farms for technical and scientific applications. Gridcore has operated its HPC on demand service since 2002. Gompute is powered by Gridcore software stack for HPC environments for in-house installations (Enterprise Gompute).

Gompute, a Gridcore company, delivers professional and reliable High Performance Computing on demand for technical and scientific users. Most of the commercial and free applications for Fluid Dynamics, Stress Analysis, Computational Chemistry, Visualization, are supported. Users of Gompute receive full support for deploying HPC applications as well as specialized training.

Gompute also provides independent software vendors (ISVs) with a faster time to market by reselling their products on-demand. Users of Gompute range from large corporations to one-man consultant companies. Gompute's own technology allows the establishment of Virtual teams who can share resources and results collaboratively.

Gompute provides: CPU hours, storage, system administration and support for applications provided by third party Gompute partners. Gompute supports: departmental license servers, simulation database repository, common documentation areas, etc.


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