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UberCloud's mission is to empower engineers to get better results, faster.

UberCloud makes it easy to run your simulations on powerful cloud infrastructure. Unleash the full power of Ansys software and boost confidence in your results. No more compromising on mesh quality or model fidelity because of hardware limitations. With UberCloud's flexible software platform and network of cloud partners, you get on-demand access to major providers such as Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP), and others. Choose from a variety of secure data centers, and hardware options such as InfiniBand, GPUs etc.

UberCloud's pre-packaged Ansys cloud solution comes with a fully interactive desktop environment, accessed through a secure browser connection. You can leverage Ansys's powerful GUI-based tools such as Design Modeler and Workbench for iterative analysis, and you can also run batch or background jobs when needed using RSM. You are also in full control of Ansys versions whether it be Ansys R16.2, R18 or other.

UberCloud was built for engineers, by engineers, and has been recognized as a pioneer in technical computing as a service by analysts such as HPCwire and Gartner.

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Case Studies:

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