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Introducing Ansys Scade One

Scade One is accessible to system designers and embedded programmers and bridges the gap between the ease of use of model-based tools and an intuitive and engaging user interface. Sign up for this upcoming webinar for an introduction to Ansys Scade One.


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Ansys is launching a new product called Scade One, a model-based solution for developing embedded applicative software. Scade One enables a seamless Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) process thanks to its openness and reliance on standards.

Building on decades of experience in safety-critical systems development, Scade One is also accessible to any company developing safe and reliable embedded software, thanks to a brand-new entry-level offering.

What you will learn

  • Unlock digital thread value with an open model-based approach 
  • Bridge the gap between model-based tools and textual programming
  • Experience of visual coding
  • Democratizing model-based development

Who should attend and why

The Ansys SCADE users / customers, all system engineers, system design engineers, project managers, and software engineers, architect


  • Cedric Pasteur
  • Vincent Rossignol