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Safer Electric Vehicles with Battery Management Systems

Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion rapidly revolutionize mobility technologies across automotive and aviation industries. Many of the EVs' engineering challenges center on the electric battery and its management system. Batteries need to charge efficiently, store energy effectively and operate safely, delivering reliable performance over years of usage. Also, because the battery system brings together hardware and software, development teams have traditionally worked separately. Ansys is changing that with an integrated platform for developing, testing & verifying these sophisticated systems — delivering significant time, cost & quality advantages for battery management system (BMS) development teams.

Sign up for this free webinar which spotlights how our integrated solution for BMS enables functional safety analysis for BMS and delivers critical software development that meets the industry objectives and provides the solution for the design & closed-loop system simulation of the battery. Learn how to reduce the time and costs involved in new BMS and battery launches. Leverage expert insights for improving the performance and safety of your entire battery system, with an example of an automotive BMS system.

What you will learn 

  • Battery Management Systems Design and Validation
  • System-Level Simulation for accurate insights on BMS and battery performance throughout the lifecycle
  • Embedded Software Development and Validation
  • System Architecture Selection, Functional Safety Analyses, and Cybersecurity


  • Raja Badrinarayanan
  • Tim Puls
  • Bernhard Kaiser


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