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Rocky in Action: Wheel Crusher (Breakage to Fatigue)

The phenomenon called “fatigue,” the accumulation of damage in critical locations due to repetitive cyclic stresses, is one of the leading causes of failure in heavy equipment industries. In this 15-minute webinar, you will see how to evaluate fatigue in a typical critical location, such as a weld for a wheel crusher, combining Ansys Rocky for loading assessment and Ansys Mechanical and embedded DesignLife for fatigue evaluation. 

This session is part of Rocky in Action, a series of free webinars that offer a realistic overview of simulation workflow and showcase how easily Ansys Rocky enables DEM simulation and solves real engineering problems. Specialists in simulation and CAE applications present these sessions.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to use Rocky to get the forces a crusher must withstand during operation
  • Simulate unitary forces in Mechanical, the base cases for a weld fatigue evaluation
  • Include embedded DesignLife in Mechanical for evaluating weld fatigue, importing the forces as time series
  • Get estimated damage


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