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Rocky in Action: Sustainability and Green Energy

This 15-minute webinar showcases Ansys Rocky and its solution for solving complex applications such as carbon capture. Along with high-fidelity particle shapes and interactions, we'll show how Ansys Rocky easily integrates with different Ansys solutions, such as Ansys Fluent, and how users can leverage API—solver capabilities to create custom modules to model unconventional processes such as adsorption and desorption.

This session is part of Rocky in Action, a series of free webinars that offer a realistic overview of simulation workflow and showcase how easily Ansys Rocky enables DEM simulation and solves real engineering problems. Specialists in simulation and CAE applications present the sessions.

What Attendees Will Learn:


  • How to import a particle bed using custom input​
  • How to setup a 2-Way coupled simulation with Fluent​


  • How to evaluate pressure drop curve to validate simulation setup
  • How to evaluate total carbon capture in the particle bred reactor


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