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Revolutionize the Management of Your Safety Activities

Product Managers demand complete confidence in the safety of every product they oversee.  As product design becomes more complex, so does the need for a comprehensive safety platform. Building on the success of Ansys medini analyze, the all-new Ansys Digital Safety Manager (DSM) provides that comprehensive platform for safety analysis and engineering.

Speaker: Jan Mauersberger, Lead Product Manager, Ansys


What Attendees Will Learn 

Join us as we introduce DSM and discover how it is revolutionizing the overall management of safety-related activities. For complex, multi-year projects, you can now: 

  • Plan, review, and apply best safety practices across the product lifecycle. 
  • Get a unique view of the entire safety planning process – beyond the individual project level.
  • Reduce time to market by enabling systematic and consistent reuse of safety plans and work products.


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