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Practical Ports for Perfect Performance: HFSS Ports for High-Performance Interconnect Solutions

To optimize an entire signal path when designing high-performance interconnect solutions, it's important to understand ports and how to best employ them for your application. 

With Ansys HFSS, your port type choice for various applications is almost a matter of religious conviction. Circuit port, lumped port, coaxial lumped port or waveport -  which do you choose for signal integrity applications?

This webinar spotlights the theoretical basis of various port types and how to use them in real designs to deliver maximum accuracy. We will provide a detailed look at 

wave ports and the transfinite element method. Additionally, we will discuss lump ports (including coaxial), circuit ports and key de-embedding concepts.

  • Understand errors that accrue when using each port type in real designs, focusing on port size, location and de-embedding.
  • Discover how to utilize wave ports in unconventional ways with non-uniform structures.
  • Learn how to perform end-to-end cascading of a connector and PCB breakout regions with wave ports.

Intended Audience: IC Package and PCB design engineers dealing with aspects of Signal and Power integrity.

Scott McMorrow, CTO, Samtec Signal Integrity Group, Samtec, Inc.
Rickard Petersson, R&D Director, Ansys


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