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Optimising and Troubleshooting in Process Flow Equipment and Plant using Ansys Fluent

Complementing experimental work and 1D flow sheets, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation provides fluid flow, mixing, separation, reaction, and heat transfer insight in three-dimensions for a more complete understanding of process flow issues. 

Applicable to single-phase and multiphase flows, reacting and inert scenarios, batch and continuous processes, 3D CFD delivers the additional insight required to optimise and trouble-shoot process flow equipment and plant. Through such simulation, considerable gains can be made with respect to increasing process yield, improving product quality, reducing energy consumption, and shortening manufacturing times. 

Ansys Fluent is Ansys’ flagship product for CFD simulation. Trusted by thousands of engineers around the world, it offers the functionality to perform CFD on a wide range of process flow equipment including heat exchangers, mixers, reactors, boilers, cyclones, and ovens to virtually any scenario involving fluid flow. 


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