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Holistic Functional Safety Management in Digital Product Development

Companies developing safety-critical systems are facing the challenge of aligning product development processes with the aspects of functional safety, risk management, reliability engineering, and cybersecurity analysis. All of these need to be performed in parallel with development processes on time. There is a need to continuously align the work of teams applying different tools and methods in order to satisfy the requirements of state-of-the-art standards and regulations.

This webinar shows how to manage the complexity related to functional safety, reliability, and cybersecurity in an integrated digital environment. It demonstrates the use of medini analyze and provides insights into a holistic functional safety solution. We will also demonstrate an easy synchronization between medini and codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management.

The webinar’s agenda:

  • Introduction of Intland and codebeamer
  • Introduction of Ansys and medini analyze
  • Live tool demonstration of a codebeamer project set-up
  • Tool demonstration and showcase of the integration uses case between Codebeamer and medini analyze


Jaikumar Daniel, Customer Success Mgr, Intland Software 

Krasimira Kulekova, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys


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