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Finding the Most Cost-Effective Material for Your Application

Making smarter materials choices is down to making the right material property trade-offs. Choosing between cost, weight or a required mechanical property is a fundamental part of many design decisions. Ansys Granta Selector has the tools to make those decisions – to innovate, resolve materials issues, reduce cost and validate your materials choice – helping you find the most cost-effective material for your application. 

  1. Learn how to innovate through material selection and decrease component and manufacturing costs. 
  2. Confirm and validate your materials selection against a comprehensive data set – to be sure you have considered the complete materials space. 
  3. Find similar materials to your existing choices and rapidly compare properties. 
  4. Learn more about our Metals data bundle – relevant information on over 100,000 standards and manufacturer grades.
  5. Discover how to export this data to design and simulation tools. 


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