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Innovating Electric Mobility: Battery and BMS

At the backbone of EV performance, battery technologies have earned the spotlight when it comes to accelerating the industry toward increased adoption and profitability. Faced with pressure to achieve range, safety, and cost targets, engineers must address the challenges of battery modelling, manufacturing and vehicle integration while accounting for both mechanical performance and thermo-electrical effects.

By leveraging integrated, multidisciplinary engineering simulation, the optimal combination of safety, energy density, and battery life can be achieved through virtual product development of battery and battery management systems (BMS). Through simulation, engineering teams can collaborate, innovate and optimize processes to improve power density, charge/discharge cycling and operational life while meeting design requirements, industry standards and safety regulations.

This eBook explores how simulation and model-based approaches improve automotive battery development in key areas including:

  • Battery cell and pack design
  • Battery functional safety and software development
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery thermal management, durability and thermal runaway
  • Battery production processes and manufacturing equipment


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