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Ansys Fluent On Amazon EC2 HPC6A Instances Featuring AMD EPYC 7003 Series Processors

This performance brief displays Ansys Fluent 2023 R1 running the benchmarks on Ansys Gateway powered by AWS. Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is a solution for developers, designers, and engineers who want to manage their complete Ansys Simulation & CAD/CAE developments in the cloud. AWS Cloud computing resources can be accessed virtually on any device via web browser through Ansys Gateway powered by AWS portal.

What You Will Learn

  • 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors deliver outstanding scale-out performance running Ansys® Fluent® on Amazon Web Services Hpc6a instances.
  • For the larger models, Ansys Fluent generally exhibits super-linear scaling through 16 instances by delivering an average. Speedup up of ~17.73x at sixteen instances (1536 cores).
  • For the Open Racecar 280M model, the average speedup is ~7.87x at eight instances (768 cores).

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