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HPC as a Service

Ensure great flexibility of your HPC operations by utilizing Advania´s HPCaaS where you can scale your cluster up when needed and pay for what you use. HPCaaS eliminates high upfront investments in HPC infrastructure and allows you to run on pure OPEX based HPC services.

Dedicated HPC

Advania Datacenters offer world class HPC hosting for your HPC cluster. By hosting in our Icelandic data centre facilities you are powering your HPC with 100% green energy at a very competitive price. By utilizing the Advania HPC Dedicated HPC hosting you have access to our HPCaaS On-Demand HPC resources to address temporary workload spikes or the need for additional HPC resources.

HPC Support

Our dedicated HPC support team is here to support your HPC operations, dedicated or on-demand. We provide you with full support for your hosting environment, infrastructure architecture and procurement and up to the HPC operating system and HPC application licence management. Advania Support is available 24/7|365.

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