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An Ansys Channel Partner for more than 20 years, RCCM holds experience and knowledge with meshing skill, products and technologies.

Specifically, we can write direct solver interfaces of Ansys ICEM CFD, modify GUI of Ansys ICEM CFD, make a batch meshing system without GUI, create complex and large meshes.

In order to meet the needs,we provide various training courses of meshing for Ansys customers:

  • The beginners' course
  • Intermediate course
  • Special course with repect to scripting
  • Special course with repect to non-CAD geometries
  • Special course of mesh editting
  • Special course for a specific customer

With regard to customer support, we are providing our unique FAQ pages of Ansys Meshing products and SpaceClaim Direct Modeler as well as standard support by e-mail and phone.

Our solutions are

  1. To provide skill/environement to resolve customers task with respect to meshing
  2. To build an automation system of meshing processes which includes Ansys Meshing products.

The benefit of solution 1 is by above traning courses and technical support, our customers can have advanced skills of meshing.

In particular, model handling for non-standard geometries, judgement of choice of products and methods of mesh generation, manually improvement of mesh qualities, and adjustment mesh density locally.

The benefit of solution 2 is reduction of working time and standardization of work flow.

In particular, clarification of a work flow of customer's simulation, standardization of geometry and mesh quality, and reduction of human error.

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