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Numesys (Elite Channel Partner)

NUMESYS was established in 2018 with experienced engineers, as the distributor and technical support provider of leading engineering analyses softwares. Being a joint venture of two powerful companies, FİGES Engineering Inc. and Anova Engineering in Turkey, NUMESYS arose as a customer-oriented company with stabilized corporation experience and memory in its own field.

The company’s mission is to keep the innovational excitement of engineering alive, by helping engineers and companies that work on product development to be successful, through continuous knowledge transfer, technical support and placing emphasis on professional progress. NUMESYS establishes a human centric approach in the workplace and attaches special importance to have a sophisticated team. With the belief that “learning never ends”, it also has an educational spirit for young engineers. Taking all these into account, NUMESYS aims to expand the limits of being a powerful solution provider of innovative companies leading to become a well-known brand in the engineering world.

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