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Ansys Mechanical CFD

With respect to the licenses of Ansys Mechanical CFD (the "Listed Program(s)"), Licensee and Licensor acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding the identification of the Program(s) on the Quotation as Ansys Mechanical CFD,  Licensee is initially being provided with separate licenses of Ansys Mechanical Enterprise and Ansys CFD (the "Component Program(s)") until such time as the functionality is controlled by a common License Key.   Until such time, Licensee agrees that it will not permit simultaneous access by more than one (1) user of each Component Program(s) in excess of the number of licenses for the Listed Program(s) (e.g. if Licensee has 1 license of Ansys Mechanical CFD, Licensee will not permit 1 user to access the Ansys Mechanical Enterprise license and another user to access the Ansys CFD license).  When Licensor provides to Licensee a License Key for the Listed Program(s) that controls the simultaneous use of the Component Program(s), which Licensee shall install as soon as practicable after delivery (provided that such installation may be subject to delay for a reasonable period of time for testing purposes and due to IT resource limitations), this paragraph shall be considered deleted.

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