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Access to Program(s) may be enabled via a security device, which will permit use of the Program(s) on one (1) such computer at a time.  Any such security device is and shall remain the property of Licensor, but Licensee shall be responsible for protecting each security device from loss or damage. Upon termination of a license for the Program(s) or upon the request of Licensor or Channel Partner due to the release of an update of the Program(s) and necessary replacement (either with another security device or a License Key), Licensee shall return the security device to Licensor or Channel Partner.  In the event that Licensee fails to return such security device for a Lease License, Licensee shall pay the then-current fee for a Paid-Up License of such Program(s) unless otherwise agreed by Licensor.  Subject to availability, Licensor shall replace any security device returned defective or damaged at no charge.

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