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Ansys CFD Professional Emulator

With respect to the licenses of Ansys CFD Professional (the "Listed Program(s)"), Licensee and Licensor agree that notwithstanding the identification of the Program(s) on the Quotation as Ansys CFD Professional, Licensee will be provided with a  comparable number of licenses of Ansys CFD-Flo.   Licensee agrees that it may not use the following functionality in the CFD-Flo Program: (1) transient simulation, (2) radiation, (3) phase change, (4) compressible flows, (5) natural convection, (6) porous media, (7) non-newtonian flows, (8) turbulence: K-omega turbulence models, RSM, LES, SAS, DES, DDES (Only the use of a K-Epsilon based model with scalable wall function is allowed) (9) dynamic/moving-deforming mesh, (10) immersed-solid/MST method, and for moving parts, (11) flow-driven solid motion (six degrees of freedom), (12) internal radiation, (13) species modeling, (14) acoustics, (15) cavitation, and (16) multiphase flows. 

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