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Simulation from the Microchip to the Mission Webinar Series

From component design to mission assessment, military electronics system development traditionally leverages a hierarchy of simulation tools — physics, systems, systems of systems and missions — that are often siloed, lacking integrated digital connectivity. This can result in a loss of fidelity as the simulations increase in scale, putting the mission at greater risk of late-stage problems.

A pervasive physics-based simulation environment that integrates all scales of models delivers persistent high-fidelity insight that can predict operational outcomes much more effectively. This identifies critical issues at all scales earlier, resulting in warfighters receiving required capabilities much faster.

In this forward-looking webinar series, Ansys experts — with decades of combined experience in military electronics and simulation — showcase integrated physics-based simulation approaches that can be deployed from the microchip to the mission

On Demand Webinars

Webinar on demand
Ansys microchip to mission webinars
Hardware Security & Thermal Reliability for Mission Critical Electronic Design

Side-channel attacks and thermal reliability are key concerns for today's mission-critical electronics. Accurate and efficient analysis techniques to reduce or eliminate vulnerability to side-channel attacks are needed to prevent malicious attacks on secure communications.

Thermal effects limit both the performance and reliability of electronics across a wide range of uses including satellite communications, 5G, data centers and edge IoT.  

We present solutions to these key problems with our flagship physics solvers and our Ansys SeaScape big data and AI platform.  

Webinar on demand
Ansys microchip to mission webinars
Improving PCB Performance & Reliability

This webinar demonstrates how to reduce failures and improve performance and product life by leveraging a coupled simulation workflow that integrates the analysis of electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability. 

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