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Virtual Validation for Accelerated EV Development Using Ansys Twin Builder

This webinar explores advantages offered by Ansys Twin Builder in establishing virtual validation workflow for electric vehicles.


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About this Webinar

The electric powertrain is a multi-disciplinary and hierarchical system with complex interactions between software development and hardware design. Emphasis on early-stage requirement verification via virtual plant model and actual controller algorithms are viewed as the next frontier of accelerating product development. The frontloading of virtual integration, testing, and validation of critical performance metrics (e.g., range, power, and acceleration) necessitates fast and accurate plant models for system-level studies.

This webinar explores the advantages Ansys Twin Builder offers in establishing virtual validation workflow for electric vehicles.

What You Will Learn

  • Apply Ansys simulation models developed through traditional design workflows and integrating them in system studies through Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) technology
  • Use of Ansys simulation methods, ROMs, and AI/ML techniques for performance validation through Model-In-Loop, Hardware-in-Loop, and virtual drive test
  • Integrate Ansys models into vehicle simulators such as IPG Carmaker to enable performance evaluation with considerations to drive environment, real drive conditions and scenarios


Tushar Sambharam