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Optimize Your Simulation with Ansys Motor-CAD and Ansys optiSLang

Join us for this upcoming episode of the webinar series to learn how Ansys optiSLang connects to best-in-class Ansys Simulation in the motor design discipline to achieve effective Multiphysics design exploration and optimization. This means optimizing a d Multiphysics design with minimal effort thanks to parametric variation analysis and advanced automation capabilities. 


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About this Webinar

Electric motors are the best energy converters used in industry. The design process requires a complex approach that starts from specifications: electromechanical, thermal, and NVH. Considering all the multi-physics requirements of the electrical motor, it is paramount to make the right choices and reduce the cost of change throughout the development process.

Leveraging the performance trade-offs between multiple physics disciplines, including electromagnetics, thermal, structural, and the NVH, in a traction machine design is always challenging but critical. In this webinar session, we'll discuss how to govern the multi-physics design aspects of a realistic IPM traction motor during machine design optimization. This traction motor is designed for a modern, high-performance, battery-electric vehicle platform.

Ansys Motor-CAD and Ansys OptiSLang will be used to build an efficient design optimization workflow. The optimization approach will combine Motor-CAD multi-physics calculations with OptiSLang sensitivity analysis, meta-modeling, and optimization techniques to enable rapid trade-offs between competitive designs and find an optimum solution for a given specification in a computationally efficient way.

What You Will Learn

  • Seamlessly set up a customized optimization problem in OptiSLang using the automated Motor-CAD integrated export tool
  • Quickly perform a multi-objective, multi-constraints electric motor design optimization using leading-edge multi-physics and sensitivity analyses
  • Trade-off multi-physics performance targets across an ample design space to comply with complete motor and system specification requirements

Who Should Attend

CAE/Simulation Engineers & Analysts in Electro-Magnetic / Electric / Motor Design in all industries + Academia


Oleg Khromov, Senior Application Engineer at Ansys

Nicolas Rivière, Senior Application Engineer at Ansys