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A Model-Based Approach to Failure Analysis using ModelCenter

Don’t miss this webinar on coupled model-based architecture. To ensure effective designs, systems engineering practitioners must adopt novel approaches for architecting emergent system attributes. 


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Faced with exponential growth in complexity and interdependency, systems engineering practitioners must adopt novel approaches for architecting emergent system attributes to ensure effective designs. However, key attributes such as system robustness and reliability continue to rely on predominately qualitative and experiential assessment methods. This webinar will demonstrate how a coupled MBSE-simulation approach can augment traditional failure mode analysis (FMA) practices with a quantitative, model-based approach.

Using a notional space system SysML architecture as an example, we’ll show how a state-based failure mode analysis, where existing model content and state machine architecture diagrams guide system failure mode identification. Attendees will see how the model-based outputs of this analysis can be linked using the Ansys ModelCenter tool to simulate the system-level impacts of the failure modes and generate the failure’s severity rating and risk priority number. This coupled shared systems simulation approach and the guided state-based failure mode assessment process improve FMA repeatability and automation while leveraging MBSE content pre-existing in most organizations’ descriptive architecture models. Attendees can evaluate if this approach can enhance cross-organization FMA consistency and assist in design resource prioritization earlier in their system architecting activities. 

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Address the need for novel approaches in systems engineering due to increased complexity and interdependency
  •  How coupled MBSE-simulation approach offers a quantitative alternative
  • Demonstrate of a state-based failure mode analysis using a SysML architecture of a notional space system
  • Integrate Ansys ModelCenter to simulate system-level impacts and generate severity ratings and risk priority numbers
  • Enhance repeatability, automation, and cross-organization consistency in FMA through model-based and state-machine architecture diagrams

Who Should Attend

Systems engineers implementing Failure Mode Analysis


Jeremy Ross, Model-Based Systems Engineer, Ford and Adjunct Instructor, University of Detroit - Mercy