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Improving Your CFD Knowledge and Workflow for FSAE

Learn the CFD skills the automotive racing industry is looking for, while improving your CFD workflow capabilities.

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About this Webinar

See how professional racing teams use Ansys technology. Learn what these companies look for in new hires. Watch a demonstration showing how Ansys tools add to an existing CFD workflow. For example, the clean geometry from CAD software tenable a smooth CAD-to-mesh process or setting up an end-to-end workflow. Ansys software encompasses the entire simulation process. We'll show you how to access courses offering the foundations of CFD, such as physics, governing equations, simulation best practices, and how to apply that knowledge to real examples.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover which Multiphysics simulations pro racing teams use
  • What industry is looking for in students
  • Watch a demo on CAD cleanup to enable faster meshing
  • See an end-to-end CFD workflow 
  • Learn CFD

Who Should Attend

Students on Formula SAE or Formula student teams that work on CFD


Ryan Gordon
Chris Penny
Marco Coderoni

improving cfd fsae