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From Geometry Prep to Advanced Structural Simulation

Explore how Ansys Discovery breaks stereotypical simulation barriers through its unique approach that is radically easy to use, highly flexible and ideally suited for early design exploration and refinement. This is the first webinar of our monthly series called Ansys Discovery-Enabling the Simulation Digital Thread.


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About this Webinar

This webinar will explore using Ansys Discovery to perform geometry pre-processing for structural simulation. We will also show how to leverage the Live solver in Discovery to perform rapid upfront simulation before sending your model to Ansys Mechanical. Join us to see this seamless workflow, which enables a connected digital thread within the Ansys ecosystem. You will learn the following:

  • Direct modeling technology
  • Geometry clean up and repair tools for structural models
  • Rapid structural simulation using the Live solver
  • Connecting Ansys Discovery and Ansys Mechanical
  • Tips for streamlining your simulation workflow

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about powerful direct modeling technology embedded in Discovery to perform geometry clean up and preparation for structural simulation
  • Get a demonstration of Ansys Discovery highlighting the rapid upfront analysis possible before detailed simulation
  • See how Discovery is the bridge between CAD and Mechanical enabling a connected digital thread 

Who Should Attend

Engineering managers and methods groups. Design engineers focused on upfront simulation. Analysts who are looking to preprocess geometry before going to Mechanical.


Shubh Gandhi