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Ansys 2024 R1: Ansys Sherlock and Electronics Reliability What’s New

Learn more about the new features in Ansys Sherlock 2024 R1, including PySherlock for scripting and automation, Sherlock's integration with Workbench, and the availability of Linux, allowing users to choose the operating system best suited to their needs.


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To help you solve reliability challenges more efficiently, Ansys 2024 R1 adds some great new features and benefits to Ansys Sherlock and Electronics Reliability.

These features will allow more flexibility and improve your productivity. We'll be taking a live look at our latest capabilities during this webinar, including:

  • With PySherlock, users can automate Sherlock's capabilities using Python-based APIs and integrate seamlessly with other technologies
  • Sherlock is now available on Linux, allowing users you to choose the operating system best suited to their your needs and preferences

Sherlock's integration with Workbench allows users you to specify PCB transformation options directly in Workbench, greatly simplifying generating system-level reliability predictions. Additionally, you can transfer printed circuit boards modeled using Sherlock (Pre) to the Workbench Mechanical Model Component System, streamlining their electronics reliability workflows

What you will learn

Discover the new features in Ansys Sherlock 2024 R1, including:

  • PySherlock for scripting and automation
  • Sherlock's integration with Workbench
  • Sherlock’s availability on Linux
  • Sherlock’s expanded part library
  • and much more

Who should attend

PCB Designers, Reliability Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Thermal Engineers, PCB Reliability Engineers


  • Kelly Morgan
Ansys Sherlock