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Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Fluent What’s New

Ansys Fluent delivers critical enhancements that improve solver performance, increase end-user productivity, and provide new capabilities for complex applications. Join the 2023 R2 What’s New webinar to learn all about the latest updates in the industry-leading computational fluid dynamics software.


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About this Webinar

  • Extended support for the multi-GPU solver reducing solve time and total power consumption 
  • Quickly view and edit model and solver settings, monitors, and post-processing settings without loading the mesh
  • Virtual Blade Model (VBM) includes the effects of 3D rotors as momentum source terms, increasing automation and productivity for aerospace and energy applications
  • Expanded settings API for PyFluent provides additional solver settings, broadening the range of applications for automation and integration with Fluent
  • Support for composite body labels defined in DesignModeler, SpaceClaim, or Discovery is available during geometry import
  • Support customer sustainability with a new empirical battery swelling model and enhancements for modeling hydrogen compression for storage and gas purification
  • Aid the prediction of communications blackout or degradation accounts for weak ionization to improve solution fidelity at hypersonic speed

What You Will Learn

  • Reduce simulation solve time and power consumption with the multi-GPU solver in Fluent
  • Increase automation and build easier integrations with Fluent using Python
  • Discover new capabilities and enhancements for sustainability, battery swelling, and more

Who Should Attend

Anyone who uses Ansys Fluent and is interested in learning what’s new in the latest release


Balasubramanyam Sasanapuri

Ansys Motion