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Ansys HFSS Getting Started


Ansys HFSS 入門課程將介紹Ansys Electronic Desktop並能幫助HFSS新手用戶熟悉圖形使用界面 (GUI) 和 HFSS 工作流程中的所有步驟:結構,邊界和模擬空間,wave port和lump port,收斂條件設定,頻率掃描和後處理。 該課程約 40% 的時間將運用於操作例題,60% 的時間用於學習專業內容和問答。


  • 建議具有高頻電磁學的技術教育或背景,但不需要具有工程學位
  • 熟悉傳輸線、波導和散射參數(S 參數)







  • 在 HFSS 模擬結構上分配邊界和網格。
  • 為 HFSS 模擬指定適當的wave port或是lump port。
  • 設置適當的網格收斂條件並分析。
  • 設置頻率掃描並在對數頻率上繪製其結果。
  • 了解模型的被動性及因果性。

 Available Dates

Currently, no training dates available

Learning Options

Training materials for this course are available with an Ansys Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. 



This is a 1 day classroom course covering both tutorials and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 3 x 2 hour sessions, combining lectures, some workshop demonstrations, and question and answer discussions.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Ansys and the Ansys Electronic Desktop (AEDT)
  • Introduction to HFSS FEM (finite element method)
  • Workshop: Coaxially-fed band pass filter
  • Boundaries and Simulation Space
  • Workshop: Patch antenna open region boundary
  • Solution Setup Workshop: SMA-Microstrip stub simulation
  • Post Processing
  • Workshop: Patch antenna S-parameters and fields
  • Parameterized Geometry Construction
  • Workshop: Microstrip bend geometry
  • Lumped and Wave Ports
  • Workshop: Microstrip bend ports
  • HPC (High Performance Computing) and Optimetrics
  • Workshop: Parameter Sweep