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Ansys SimAI Software Predicts Fully Transient Vehicle Crash Outcomes

The Ansys SimAI™ cloud-enabled generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform combines the predictive accuracy of Ansys simulation with the speed of generative AI. Because of the software’s versatile underlying neural networks, it can easily be extended to many types of simulation, including structural applications. In this white paper, we show how the SimAI cloud-based software can be applied to highly nonlinear, transient structural simulations, such as automobile crashes. In these scenarios, factors to consider include vehicle kinematics and deformation, forces acting upon the vehicle, and how the vehicle interacts with its environment. Understanding the fully transient nature of a car crash — that is, the rapid sequence of events in which everything is constantly changing — helps predict outcomes. These simulations can help reduce the potential for occupant injuries and the severity of vehicle damage and to understand the overall dynamics of the crash. Ultimately, this leads to safer automotive design.

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