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White Paper

How to Optimize Engineering HPC Environments in the Real World

As products become more complex, so must the tools we use to develop them. For a simulation engineer, this becomes a particular challenge as they are already hitting computational limitations that force them to simplify models so they can get results on time.Engineers are addressing this computational bottleneck with various high-performance computing (HPC) systems in the form of high-end workstations, servers and cloud options.But what is the right mix of clusters, workstations, and cloud for your long-term needs? How do you balance performance demands and power constraints? What successes are other companies seeing and what can you learn from them? In this white paper, engineers will learn everything they need to know to start answering those questions for their organizations.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How simulation engineers traditionally deal with computational limitations•Why more simulation engineers are using HPC
  • Steps to find the right HPC system for your organization
  • How HPC has helped companies solve their greatest product development challenges


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