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Delivering Engineering-Grade Light Simulation to Automotive Designers

Lighting is one of the key elements of any automotive design, supporting both safe driving and the overall design aesthetic of both interiors and exteriors. As the world’s automakers speed to launch innovative new models, however, lighting design can be a roadblock. Why? Because lighting designers and optical engineers are not speaking the same language or using a common toolkit. Designers come up with aesthetically beautiful designs that may not be practical or achievable from an engineering perspective ― leading to time-consuming, back-and-forth design iterations. But today a partnership between Ansys, a leader in physics-based light simulation, and Autodesk®, a virtual prototyping leader, is changing all that.

A new, highly collaborative automotive lighting design solution called VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation supports a seamless connection with Autodesk VRED® Professional that simultaneously optimizes form and function ― leading to lighting designs that are aesthetically pleasing but also comply with the rigorous safety standards of the worldwide auto industry. Get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds.



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