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White Paper

Designing Next Generation Electric Powertrains Using CFD Simulation

This white paper showcases how computational fluid dynamics can assist with the design and evaluation of electric vehicle (EV) systems and components.

From batteries to electric motors to external aerodynamics, simulation is often the key to charging speed, range, product performance, cost reduction and other parameters. Simulation can help your engineering team look deeper into issues to understand the complex chemical reactions, fluid flow, heat transfer, electrical performance and other factors that determine the performance of your product.

Through a series of discussions, each accompanied by a case study, this white paper details how Ansys computational fluid dynamics simulation solutions can be used to solve challenges in electrification of vehicles, from race cars to all-electric aircraft.


Ansys Fluent adjoint solver optimized battery cooling flow in an all-electric aircraft to decrease pressure drop by 46%. Courtesy of Electroflight.


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