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White Paper

Oracle Red Bull Racing's Use of Ansys Simulation Solutions Paves the Way to Track Success

Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of motorsport, bringing together world-class drivers and the best engineering talent to deliver innovations that push the boundaries on the track and often influence design and innovation in the automotive industry. It’s down to the engineering teams to deliver every possible advantage to their drivers.

Oracle Red Bull Racing chose Ansys simulation solutions for its most demanding challenges. From aerodynamics to cooling to material data control to crash testing, Ansys software provides data for the team’s engineers to make the cars faster and safer in the most efficient way, giving Oracle Red Bull Racing the best chance of winning a race on any given weekend.

Get this white paper to dive into the technology Oracle Red Bull Racing leverage to gain a competitive advantage over its competition with

  •  Aerodynamic simulations
  • Power unit cooling
  • Materials control and tracking and
  • Impact simulation


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