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A Perspective on the Adoption of Digital Engineering within an Enterprise

In this white paper, we delve into the transformative world of digital engineering to address its most essential questions: what, how, and why? We explore the concept of digital engineering and propose how disparate industries and organizations might achieve a shared understanding of it. We also discuss the preconditions, best practices, and technologies that are essential to a successful enterprise implementation of digital engineering. And of course, we look at the profound benefits that an organization can realize from its investment. Finally, we consider some of the ways in which digital engineering and its technological enablers may evolve and mature in the near future.

The topics covered in this paper include:

  • The accelerating emergence of new technologies and how they're disrupting not just markets, but traditional business models and practices
  • The implications of interconnectedness — across physical and technological domains — in modern, complex systems
  • The urgent need for profound changes to the design, development, test, and maintenance of engineered systems — to stay ahead of adversaries and competitors
  • The importance of a holistic understanding of the digital engineering ecosystem, and the crucial role of an open environment for sustained scalability, flexibility, and agility
  • How digital engineering reduces risks to costs, schedule, and operational performance by detecting critical issues earlier in the life cycle


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