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The Best Hardware for the Fastest Simulation

The need for speed for an engineer doing simulation is never ending. Asking “what hardware is best for simulation?” is met with the answer “how much can you spend?” The trend has been spending more money and buying a more powerful workstation.

But modern engineers are finding another solution, one that involves renting rather than buying. Massive arrays of computing power, millions of dollars’ worth of high-performance hardware, is available by the hour. If your monthly bill gets too high, you may be able to justify your personal, mini cluster of high-performance computing (HPC). In this webinar, we reveal our research on all the fast hardware options. You will also hear from a leading authority on HPC from the simulation software industry on what works best for their software.

Tune in to discover the answers to these questions:

  • Am I wasting my time defeaturing?
  • What should I look for in a fast workstation?
  • What is an HPC cluster appliance and do I need it?
  • For whom does HPC make sense?
  • How do I justify HPC use or purchase?



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