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Reduced Order Modeling - Complementing 3D CAE

3D physics simulations (such as structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics simulation) provide detailed insight and information as to how your product design or manufacturing process will perform and are widely used across many industrial sectors for many applications.

Whilst such 3D simulations are invaluable due to the fidelity and accuracy of the output, 3D physics based simulations take longer than real-time to calculate. Reduced order modelling complements 3D physics simulation by providing real-time insight, making ROMs (Reduced Order Models) suitable for engineering applications where instant feedback from the numerical model is critical.

Who should attend

  • Discover the concept of reduced-order modeling
  • Observe how reduced-order models from optiSLang can stage early design iteration and optimization
  • Learn how reduced-order models from Twin Builder can help the development and operation of assets
  • See how reduced-order modeling can be used in the energy sector throughout the product lifecycle, from design and optimization to operations and maintenance


  • Raja Badrinarayanan, Application Engineer
  • Markus Wagner, Senior Application Engineer


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