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Properties and Selection of Superalloys

Superalloys are a fascinating class of materials for high-performance applications in aerospace and automotive products and in offshore and chemical processing. These have excellent mechanical properties, such as strength and resistance to thermal creep, as well as resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

This webinar spotlights the material properties of Ni-based superalloys and how these materials perform in challenging conditions. Examples of material selection where Ni and Co based alloys are needed are showcased using the aerospace advanced database available in Ansys Granta EduPack. In one case, we will consider the effects of hypersonic velocities, which are experienced by the fuselage of the X-15 aircraft at Mach 6, to the thermo-mechanical performance of the materials.

  • Learn about the fascinating properties exhibited by superalloys in aerospace and automotive products and the information available in the aerospace database.
  • Discover how Granta EduPack can be used to compare and select materials for challenging thermo-mechanical applications.
  • Explore engaging examples and demonstrations for how to make the most of the software in education and design.



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