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New Workflow of Weld Modeling Using Batch Connections

Off-shore and sub-sea oil drilling operations, along with the automotive sector, are three industries that involve huge, complex beam & shell structures, as well as shell weld modeling. In pre-processing, it takes a large amount of time to model such geometries. We address this concern with the introduction of a batch connection (beam & shell meshing) technique, which provides a fast, robust option for pre-processing. In this webinar we explore Ansys’ new shell and beam modeling technology and weld modeling.

Topics Include

  • Features of beam & shell meshing technique and weld modeling
  • Tips and tricks for offshore and automotive examples

We also demonstrate how to improve pre-processing productivity for shell and beam modeling by

  • A new batch connection technique and general workflow of pre-processing for geometries involved in shell, beams and welds
  • An overview of upcoming features for interactive meshing capabilities



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