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Leveraging Ansys SpaceClaim for Manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced market, products must be designed and manufactured as quickly as possible to have a competitive advantage. There is often a significant bottleneck between designing, prototyping and manufacturing a new product. For example, CAD models might become corrupted during transfer between software systems or a manufacturer might need to modify operations to best manufacture the product. Ansys SpaceClaim’s CAD-neutral direct modeling enables users across all skill levels to import any CAD model, perform repairs and modifications and forward it downstream to CAM, sheet metal benders and 3D printers. Join us to learn how SpaceClaim can help save you time by identifying and addressing costly CAD challenges that can delay production.

  • Learn how to open, edit, repair and prepare parts from any CAD system or online library.
  • Discover how to easily prepare models for machining jig, fixture, tooling and mold designs.
  • Understand how to quickly create or import sheet metal geometry and unfold to flat patterns for manufacturing.
  • Receive expert insights on creating and importing STL models and modifying and optimizing them for additive manufacturing.


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