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Introduction to Ansys Motion

Ansys Motion is an advanced multibody dynamics solver which enables fast and accurate analysis of rigid and flexible bodies. It evaluates physical events accurately by analyzing the mechanical system as a whole.

This webinar spotlights Ansys Motion’s four tightly integrated solving schemes: rigid body, flexible body, modal and mesh-free EasyFlex. This gives you unparalleled capabilities to analyze systems and mechanisms in any combination you want.

We will also show how large assemblies with many millions of degrees of freedom can be studied with the effects of flexibility and contact included. Learn also how standard connections and joints then allow these systems to be connected and loaded.

In addition to showcasing the basic package, this webinar will discuss the capabilities of additional toolkits that Ansys Motion offers, enabling users working within areas that have specific multibody dynamic needs to work faster and more efficiently. 

Lastly, we will illustrate how Ansys Motion solver technology has been integrated into Ansys Mechanical’s interface.

Speaker: Alexander Pett, Senior Product Manager, Ansys


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