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Dynamic Thermal Management using Ansys Icepak in AEDT

Increasing clock frequencies and shrinking electronic device sizes pose a great challenge for thermal management. Designing packages for worst case scenarios is no longer a viable option, resulting in expensive overkill. In Ansys 2020 R2, Ansys Icepak introduced a powerful new feature, dynamic thermal management (DTM), which simulates thermal management strategies that help design the packages at average loads and handle worst case scenarios with minimal performance impact.

Ansys Icepak enables the analysis and validation of user-defined DTM logic for electronics. The designer can simulate different DTM strategies like dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) by hooking any type of complex control algorithm through a python code to modulate power where needed and prevent overheating.

This webinar spotlights how designers can simulate DTM strategies in Ansys Icepak to efficiently perform thermal management with minimal impact on performance.

  • Introduction to DTM capability in AEDT Icepak.
  • Learn how to define DTM strategy (control logic) using Python.
  • Discover how to simulate user-defined DTM strategy.
  • Receive expert tips on running, post-processing and verification of control logic.


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