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Discover Accurate and Efficient Thermal Analysis with the New AEDT Mechanical Integration

To enhance collaboration across engineering disciplines and facilitate accelerated product innovation, Ansys integrates a subset of thermal analysis capabilities from Mechanical – its flagship product for performing various analyses such as structural and thermal – into Electronics Desktop. Using Mechanical – Thermal solution, electrical and electronics engineers can import electromagnetic losses, set up and analyze thermal models of their electromagnetic designs, performing all the required steps of the coupled workflow within a single environment.


What you will learn

  • Leverage Mechanical – Solution type in Ansys Electronics Desktop to quickly build and perform accurate steady-state thermal analysis
  • Building thermal models to analyze steady-state response of two use cases – die-level package design and electric motor
  • Importing EM losses from certain electromagnetic design types
  • Performing parametric sweeps
  • Setting up 2-way coupling workflows to study the effects of nonlinear material response 
  • Identify any thermal concerns in designs before undertaking conjugate heat transfer analysis 



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