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Ansys CFD Solutions for Wind Turbine Icing

In cold climates, wind turbine icing can pose significant operational challenges. Ice accretion on blades can degrade their aerodynamic performance, inducing a power reduction. Ice fragments shedding from the blades also constitute a safety threat and a risk of damage to the overall turbine. Without proper consideration, long turbine downtimes due to icing can result in a major cost to wind farms.

What You Will Learn

During this webinar, learn how Ansys is helping the industry to address the challenges of ice build-up on wind turbine blades using Ansys CFD solutions for wind turbine icing. We will discuss aerodynamic performance, particle impingement, ice accretion and ice shedding prediction. Tackling this issue by integrating ice protection systems to the turbine will also be considered.


Speaker: Sabrina Hafid


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